About Us

The Little one

Everything I do, I do for him. He will always come first. Plain and Simple.

Why Hire Me

After years of schooling for Honda services and living as a mechanic, I would dabble with welding in my spare time. I started to invest more time into welding, in turn, it became my true passion. After long hours and multiple jobs from private to corporate, I found my calling in life. Every job is guaranteed to be complete to the upmost satisfaction; with all your expectations met and surpassed.  

Things I work on

When some people hear the word welder, they might think of art, giant metal building or crazy structures. Really it is all sort of things you might not of thought of. I work on anything from, fences, gates, golf carts, automotive, buggies, pillars, gifts, metal art, gardening pots or stands, the ideas and possibilities that can be done with welding are endless. Send us a line with any creative dream you have and watch it come true.